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The Mash Tape Vol.1 + Back to School Minimix

August 17, 2008

Hooray. I think I’ve posted enough mashups by now to justify a little mix-tape comp of sorts. Not all of them are in it, just my favorites and those that I thought would work well together, in one glorious continuously mixed shot of an mp3. Also included is a “Back to School Minimix” for you to blare loud enough to drown out the awkward “Oh HEY! So…. how was your summer? Yeah, mine too. Ready for classes?”. Not to mention a little intro mash thing made just for this mixtape. I know, I know, you can barely contain your excitement. Well, you can grab that thing-kind-of-thing here:

Intro Action (Yo Majesty vs. Justice vs. Mary Lou Retton)

And the whole shebang in .zip form riiiiiight here:

Mash Tape Vol. 1 + BK2SCHLMNMX

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, PBR Street Gang is my DJ name I guess. As opposed to my blogging name. This will undoubtedly result in massive confusion and my mp3s being lost in your iTunes forever. Well, if they made it there in the first place then I guess I’m doing alright. Later.

No wait, ohmygoodness what’s wrong with me. Here’s the track lists?

Mash Tape Vol. 1:

1. Roc Boys Get It Together (Jay-Z vs. The Go! Team)
2. I Turn Missy Elliot On (Spoon vs. Missy Elliot, Ludacris)
3. Cracker Jack Toucher (Busta Rhymes vs. Prinzhorn Dance School)
4. Dat Zone (Shawty Putt, Too $hort, Lil John vs. To My Boy)
5. Get Y/UR A-Punk On (Vampire Weekend vs. Missy Elliot)
6. Speaking in Mashups (Eagles of Death Metal v. Lil Wayne)
7. Feel Bad (Gorillaz v. Dr. Dre, Eminem)
8. She’s A Flying Lotus (Flying Lotus vs. Missy Elliot)
9. Where The Magic Spells At (Crystal Castles vs. Nelly)
10. Drop It, Sister (Get Shakes v. Yin Yang Twins)
11. Never Wit Ya (Cake vs. The Notorious B.I.G.)
12. We Be Mashin’ (Soulwax v. Sean Paul)
13. My Backspace (Kieran, Young Joc, Shawty Lo vs. Mascotte)
14. Paris Get Low (MSTRKRFT v. Flo Rida)
15. The Way Spoon Are (Timbaland vs. Spoon) 3:33
16. Kiss Boy (Chris Brown, T-Pain vs. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s)
17. Ashanti of Gravity (Yo La Tengo vs. Ashanti)
18. Front to Pinback (T.I.P. vs. Pinback)
19. Got Crystal (Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain vs. Crystal Castles)

Back to School Minimix:

1. Rye Rye- Gangsta Girl
2. Yelle- Jogging
3. Basement Jaxx- Red Alert
4. Kano- I’m Ready
5. Soulwax- NY Lipps
6. M.I.A.- XR2
7. DJ Blaqstarr feat. Rye Rye- Shake It to the Ground
8. Yr Party Is Dying- My Backspace
9. Justice- DVNO
10. Muscles- Sweaty (SHAZAM remix)
11. Yr Party Is Dying- Speaking in Mashups
12. Cool Kids- Basement Party
13. Thunderheist- Jerk It
14. N.E.R.D.- Everyone Nose (DJ DLO remix)
15. John Legend feat. Andre 3000- Green Light (MSTRKRFT remix)
16. Danger- 11h30

Ok, actually done.


Spoon vs. Timbaland, Cake vs. B.I.G.

July 10, 2008

Because here at Yr Party’s Dying, our aim is to please destroy you in a sexy way. I miss you Ben. What do we have for you today? Let’s take a look

The Way Spoon Are (Spoon vs. Timbaland)

This is pretty old, but it just gotta go up.

Never Wit Ya (Cake vs. The Notorious B.I.G.)

Now, as much as I love people shouting in thick British accents (I’m not being sarcastic, I really love that), I’m still finding Prinzhorn Dance School’s self titled debut a little hard to get into. Of course, I haven’t sat down and listened to it non-stop, so maybe I should do that before speaking. Anyway, this track is pretty much instantly like-able (to me).

Spaceman in Your Garden

Just thought I should share: I’m sitting in a tiny small town library, and I just heard a woman who appears to be about 70 say “We’re thinking about hosting a webinar“. Yes

Busta Rhymes vs. Prinzhorn Dance School, Flo Rida vs. MSTRKRFT

July 7, 2008

First of all, new friends Toe Taps and Spastic Claps have blogged about the first mashup I posted. I got blogged about! Woo! Go check them out because they’re dickpiles of good. And because they love Dave Longstreth like I love Dave Longstreth. I will have a permanent link to them once I stop sucking at blogging and figure out how to get links to appear in the sidebar. Anyway, here’s the mashups.

Crackerjack Toucher (Busta Rhymes vs. Prinzhorn Dance School)

if you click now, you’ll also get this mashup, a $0 value, for free.

Get Paris (Flo Rida vs. MSTRKRFT)

I’ll admit, I don’t remember the three years I spent in the 80’s, and maybe that’s why I’ve gotten a bit tired of the 80isms everywhere, but I also have to admit that Van She does it right, especially on this track.

Van She- Sex City