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DJ ternt mashup artist ternt ?

September 18, 2008

Ok so, yeah sorry about not updating this blog ever ever ever. I started working and have been simply waaaay too tired. More importantly, I think I’m tired of mashups? I dunno, I just feel really weird about myself when I meet people and they’re like “Oh I love your music! Esp. the one with Biggie and Cake!”. On one hand, I’m extremely flattered, but on the other hand, that’s “my music”? Am I a “Mashup Artist”? Basically, I’m not letting my self do any more mashups until I do some completely original stuff. Or at least some original remixes.

Also, I found out that someone already uses the artist/DJ name “PBR Street Gang”. I’ve never really liked a name as much as I liked that one. So I gotta think of something new. Something that doesn’t need the prefix DJ, something that doesn’t sound too genre or era specific, something that sounds like it means something but still doesn’t really mean anything instantly to anyone. Oh, and it has to roll off the tongue.

ANYways, here’s what will become of this blog (in no particular order):

a) I have some more mashups that I haven’t posted yet, so those will be up here in a bit (just not now because my internet won’t have it).

b) I realize that most of the files I’ve posted have expired on zshare, and zshare doesn’t work for a lot of people, and zshare puts soft-core porn all over your screen when you visit it, so I’m going to secure some sort of permanent file hosting solution, and put a comprehensive list of permanent links on a permanent page on this blog so you can access anything any time. Heck, maybe have some sort of streaming function, so you don’t even have to download all of it.

c) Probably more mixes. If anyone is even interested in that?

d) Any original songs/remixes I may happen to do.

e) A short remix EP I did last summer. Think the Grey Album, but instead of Jay-Z, any rapper is game, and instead of the Beatles… Jon Brion. From his movie soundtrack stuff.

Ok, more (actual) posts to come, I swear.


Dead Prez vs. Digitalism, Raheem Devaughn also vs. Digitalism

September 1, 2008

A while back I went Missy Elliot crazy. Today I’m going (slightly less) Digitalism crazy.

Hell New (Dead Prez vs. Digitalism)


Text Mashages (Raheem Devaughn vs. Digitalism)